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Most people know of Craig X from his short, but funny appearance on the hit TV show "Weeds" on Showtime. Craig is an actorvist for the legalization of marijuana. While he started acting later in life he has been an activist almost 40 years. At the age of 12 years old, in the late '70s, Craig volunteered at Jack Herer's Hemp booth on Venice Beach. He and Jack became friends and after writing 9021GROW Craig was invited to play the owner of TV's first medical marijuana club. To get our Merchant Service account we say that our pipes are for tobacco use only, but we are definitely in favor of full legalization. You can see Craig X in 8 films about cannabis on Netflix as well. From Totally Baked to Super High Me; Mr. X has been a fixture in the Hollywood legalization movement for years. 


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We are a Los Angeles based company that makes all of our pieces in North America using the finest Schott Glass. We ship with FedEx and your pieces are tracked and insured until they get to you. After owning one of the world's most famous cannabis shops, 2000 B.C. The Stoned Age Hemp Store, on Melrose Avenue Craig entered the glass business. My store was the first to carry high end glass bongs. I remember when we met the guys from Jerome Baker. I wasn't sure we could sell pieces that were that expensive. At the time Graffix had the most well-known glass bongs. Then they expensive bongs started flying off our shelves. Eventually, we sold a bunch to Brad Pitt. Before us people used to have to go to Grateful Dead shows and roam the parking lot to get hand blown glass. If fact, for the first two years our shop existed on Melrose that was the only way I could get glass. After Jerry died some of the hippies went into business. Now, the industry is changing again to be more dab friendly. Our goal is to be a reliable partner to people who sell glass whether a head shop or marijuana dispensary.

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